The law office is the result of its partners’ experience and their solid academic and professional education in Brazil and abroad.

Our differential consists of distinctive work in tax consulting and planning, establishing and reorganizing companies, preparing and revising diverse types of contracts, including real property agreements, granting work visas and foreigner residency.

Loureiro, Machado & Perez brings a new proposal for legal counseling in Bahia. Our objective is not only to provide support for our clients in legal areas, but also to do it with excellence in the areas in which we have expertise.

We personally orient Brazilian and foreign individuals and legal entities with quality and agility, offering an excellent cost-benefit relation. In addition, foreign clients will be assisted either in English or Spanish, in any negotiations as well as in the elaboration and review of any type of documents in these languages.



Graduated in Law School at Faculdade Baiana de Ciências (2006). Specialization in Fiscal Law at
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (2010), and extension course in Civil Procedure at the
same institution. Corporate, Commercial, Contract Law and Immigration.


Graduate in Law at União Metropolitana de Educação e Cultura – Unime (2011). Specialization in
Corporate Law at Universidade Salvador – Unifacs (2014). Corporate, Labor Law and Immigration.


Graduated in Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Salvador. Graduated in Accounting
Sciences at Fundação Visconde de Cairu / Faculdade de Ciências Contábeis – FVC. Specialization in
Higher Education at Associação Baiana de Educação – ABEC. Corporate and Consumer Law.


Consultations for acquiring rural or urban property, including assessment of contingencies and applicable legal requirements, with active participation as of the negotiation phase up to the signing of contracts.

Bookkeeping analysis of the acts carried out by the companies departments in the bookkeeping records, producing a diagnosis that includes recommendations and procedures to be observed to regularize the books, thus avoiding the company’s and administrators’ liability for any eventual losses resulting from irregular bookkeeping practices.

Contingency, succession and tax planning within a legally acceptable context, with the objective of ensuring maintenance and perpetuation of the equity gained and to optimize tax burdens.

Our office provides juridical assistance and consulting for Brazilian, foreign and multinational companies implementing, restructuring or incrementing their activities, including regularizing foreigners’ status in Brazil or abroad.

Our services in this area include:

  • Obtaining temporary work permits for granting visas through a work, assistance, technical cooperation or professional training contract;
  • Obtaining permanent residence permits for directors, administrators or executives as well as investors;
  • Concomitant position authorization for directors that have a permanent visa in other company in the same economic group;
  • Temporary visa time extension;
  • Transforming temporary visa into permanent visa;
  • Obtaining definitive permanence for dependents of persons with permanent visas and obtaining definitive permanence for foreigners married to Brazilian citizens or that have a Brazilian child;
  • Obtaining definitive permanence for retirees.

Impact Phrase: “Efficiency and agility in obtaining and extending visas”

  • Tax consulting;
  • Assistance in interpreting and applying juridical norms for taxes that govern municipal, state and federal taxes;
  • Fiscal planning and consulting for operations in general carried out by Brazilian or foreign individuals and/or legal entities;
  • Obtaining installment payments and special tax conditions;
  • Municipal, state and federal tax disputes.

Impact Phrase: “Risk assessment and tax burden optimization”

  • Preventive actions in preparing consultations related to commercial agreements, consumer rights and family rights;
  • Consultations regarding negotiations, entering into and extinguishing contracts in general, including civil and business contracts, as well as agreements for providing services, supplying, distribution, franchise, commercial representation, purchase and sale of assets and services, confidentiality, leasing, among others;
  • Structuring operations involved the client, including the preparation and analysis of contracts related to such operations, including real estate property operations;

    Impact Phrase: “Preventive actions and minimizing conflicts”

Our office provides legal counseling to its clients regarding corporate matters and has significant expertise in:

  • Establishing companies, joint-venture organizations, consortiums, associations, foundations, partnerships and other forms of business and enterprises;
  • Preparing studies and technical opinions related to matters of corporate law;
  • Preparing company bylaws, articles of association, shareholders’ agreement, minutes and other company documents;
  • Preparing, legal and strategic negotiating of company reorganizations, mergers, scissions, incorporations and acquisitions or alienations of company participations;
  • Legal representation in shareholders’, stockholders’ or debenture holders’ meetings;
  • Due diligences;
  • Bookkeeping and regularization of company records;
  • Legal counseling for administrative agencies in general, particularly to formulate bylaws and norms in order to adapt companies to the principles of corporate governance.

Impact phrase: “Personalized solutions for business structuring”